Hahaaaa. I’m gonna go ahead and make an executive decision. To stop at 90-100 mg of methylphenidate. So… to stop now.

I’m not gonna lie to y’all, it’s probably closer to the second number. And i’m approximately 40 percent sure that I didn’t do a 20mg line that is not included in that figure, but I’d rather stray more towardssss tricking myself into thinking I didn’t break 100, for the sake of my septum. Also, i’m on a maoi. So. Take from that what you will. In regard to: imagining what kinda body high we are talking about. Based on. Mono.Amine.Levelz.In.My Brain.

First of all, I don’t do drugs because they cloud ur mind


if i did Focalin > Ritalin like Hella for Rec Abuse bc like Jesus I can’t Stop Studying Shit onthe Internet and Focalin jus makes me a normal person but secretly high as fuck on an orgasm feeling, it doesn’t even help studying that much. Ritalin is fun too but it has less euphoria per unit Can’t Stop Fucking Sending Emails n Doing Important Shit instead of just damn i feel fucking euphoric for no reason. Y’all Heard it Here First: Basically Frank Reynolds Ridderall Wow I Long Term Shit as opposed to just like, the perfect euphoriant.¬†And that’s the truth, I know because I heard it on the news.


This was the last text my sister sent me before she got in a car accident and died on impact:

"Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli"

half this and half white guilt and that’s how it happens

half this and half white guilt and that’s how it happens

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I am the golden god


Not tim murphy







greatest of all time

godddaaaaammmnnnnitttttttt COOLITWHODIE

get off of me

(i lost money b4)

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hey i found that lil b song ur looking for. it's "nobody got cash" i just reblogged it


awww yessssss